PIL over black money


The people of India are thankful to some prominent people of India who have filed a PIL in Honourable Supreme Court of India seeking direction to government of India for passing a law or otherwise and direct the Swiss banks to return all the amounts of Indians deposited there so that those amounts could be deposited in state exchequer and then the account holders may give true account of those holdings and get back the money and the people who are not in position to satisfy the state, their amounts be confiscated to the state and those amounts be available to be utilized for the welfare of the people to whom these amounts actually belong.

And we, the people of India hope that Honourable Supreme Court of India shall be passing an order that the list of all the account holders should be displayed for the information of general public who are the real masters of this country. This list is a must because so many people had been getting national awards in spite of the fact tha they had been committing bungling and had been collecting funds from the public. This list is a must because we, the people of India have got every right to have a look on those faces who had been looting them.

We should also be thankful to the Swiss banks who had been holding all these accounts for years together and now they shall be supplying us the list of account holders and the people of India shall be looking at the faces who had been considered as most honest in this country. Had these accounts not been kept for such a long time, the people of India would have lost this opportunity. The political parties and the leaders here are not willing that these accounts be displayed because most of them are having entries in these accounts and if they are not the account holders, their relations might be holding accounts on their behalf. We the people of India know the people who are sons and daughters of the leaders, but had not been doing any work and in spite of this fact, they are enjoying life like princes and wasting away money like anything.

Time has come when all black money be collected and deposited in state exchequer because this money is earned money. This money is the amount of loot and none on earth is entitled to keep this amount. The people who are not in a position to give true account, those should get some punishment under the penal law of the land because these amounts had been collected by way of corruption, bribes, sale of licenses, sale of quotas, sale of jobs and sale of party tickets.

The people who dared to file this Writ, must be congratulated and must be chosen for national award because the matter had been delayed for decades and had this step be taken in time, most of the amount could have been saved from this smuggling out to other countries. If need be, the Parliament when it shall meet for the first time, must pass a law and they should direct the Swiss state to send all the amounts to the government of India with names and these amounts shall be given back to the account holders only if they could give us satisfactory accounts.

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